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We don’t need to tell our local patrons that the start of 2021 has been a challenging one. After decades of serving our community of Oxford, it’s not been easy for the Plough at 38 team to sit on our hands and keep to ourselves. This Oxford gastro pub misses its customers, and we sincerely hope to be able to be open and able to serve you again very soon. Respecting wholeheartedly any and all health and safety measures that are necessary to keep our community from harm. 

Although we’ve not been able to welcome you through our doors and subsequently we’ve not been able to buy the produce we love from our local suppliers, we have remained mindful of our love for our locals. Rather than sulk on the couch, we have spent our lockdown reflecting on why we favour our local suppliers, just how amazing they’ve been to us over the years and how essential they are to the Plough at 38 for the prosperous future ahead. 

As an independent gastro pub, we rely on premium produce to deliver the highest quality, mouthwatering meals, and these are the legends that have partnered with, through good times and bad, to guarantee our customers a treat for the senses whenever they visit the Plough at 38. 

Mayfield Eggs

Supplying the best free-range eggs in Oxfordshire, Mayfield Eggs have been a valuable supplier to ensure your eggs benny is of the very best quality every morning. Throughout all of 2020, Mayfield Eggs did an amazing job keeping our fridge fully stocked with the best eggs each and every week. 

Missing Bean

Missing Bean is the missing link to deliver that oh so satisfying after meal caffeine hit to lift you out of that post-indulgence tired slump. Their coffee beans are ethically sourced and locally roasted to give that rich aromatic flavour that lifts our customers and keeps them coming back for the perfect cuppa. 

First Class Products

When it comes to wine, we can take no personal credit, other than our decision to work with First Class Products to deliver us first-class wine that never fails to delight. Not only do we rely on First Class Products for their range of wine, but we also lean on them for their expertise in recommending the best bottles for a solitary drink or to accompany our vibrant menu. 

Bonners Oxford

We may take credit for our new menu, but our secret is Bonners Oxford, who supply us with the very best fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. This independent family-run shop is just around the corner from us (The Covered Market)  and has been helping our chefs to produce the best meals in Oxford for many wonderful years. 

XT Brewing

No pub is complete without a bold beer selection that caters to all of the many customers who love a frothy one. And the team at XT Brewing are responsible for keeping our three x 1,000 litre copper tanks named Tom, Dick & Harry fully stocked with an extensive range of high-quality ales, lagers and everything in between. 

The Oxford Artisan Distillery

The Plough at 38 is proud to offer artisan spirits from the craftsmen at The Oxford Artisan Distillery to give our customers a tongue tantalising experience that commercially produced spirits just can’t deliver. From seed to still, all ingredients are grown within 50 miles of Oxford and produced in handmade custom stills for an incomparable final product.

We support local suppliers because we know that together we thrive. This time is challenging for the entire Oxford community, but together we will recover in 2021. We want to extend our warmest thanks to our suppliers and our most sincere excitement for the year ahead. 
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