We love a good watering hole here in the UK. We go to the pub to meet friends, to celebrate and to sign deals. There is no occasion that a visit to a fine establishment with beer on tap does not suit. And while you may have never needed the excuse, you may be interested to learn that one of Oxford’s oldest watering holes, renovated and re-opened in 2019, The Plough at 38 brings professional patrons a whole lot more than a location to sink a pint with prospects.

Up for New Business Experiences

While we’ve been serving business customers since The Plough at 38 took on its new identity in 2019, we’ve come to realise that many of our visitors are unaware of our restaurant upstairs; the perfect sanctuary away from the crowds which can be used to for business meetings, network events or team meals.

Networking at The Plough at 38

The Plough at 38 upstairs restaurant can be used to bring together business prospects. Not only is it a hot spot for corporate customers to hang out but it’s a fantastic venue to host networking or client meetings, in a classy setting where business can be comfortably completed.

Corporate Entertainment at The Plough at 38

When you want to celebrate the success of your team, there is no better location than The Plough at 38, amongst other professionals, with fine dining, beer on tap and a wide selection of wines, our venue is ready to host you for your next team meal or staff birthday.

4 Steps to Find Your Perfect Setting

Designed to suit a variety of tastes, the best way to experience The Plough at 38 is in four steps to guarantee you find the environment that meets your needs on any given day.

1) Upstairs or Downstairs

The Plough at 38 offers two distinctly different dining experiences: upstairs for fine dining, or downstairs for the classic, informal eatery in a smart pub setting. Depending on who you’re dining with and what kind of food you’re craving, simply select upstairs or downstairs, and settle into the mood.

2) Meet Tom Dick and Harry

Tom, Dick and Harry are the names given to the three 1,000 litre tanks that allow The Plough at 38 to put local XT Brewing Co fermented Oxford Lager through the lagering process, before serving it directly from the tank to the bar. These tanks are home to The Plough at 38’s very own Oxford IPA and special Animal Brews.

3) Choose Your Menu

No matter where you choose to sit, The Plough at 38 has a selection of menus available to ensure your cravings are curbed. Find fine tantalising treats on our a la carte menu, classic pub food on the lunch and dinner set menus, all day items on the bar menu, and a list of spectacular wines on our carefully curated wine menu.

4) Pick your wine

In addition to beer, The Plough at 38 has a wide range of carefully selected wines and spirits to make the perfect accompaniment to your dish, regardless of whether you’re fine dining upstairs or enjoying a glass with some snacks at the bar downstairs.

For your next business meeting, team meal, staff birthday or networking event, don’t miss The Plough at 38 for a dining experience designed for business professionals.